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The following testimonials are from actual Marz Precision customers.  We chose to state the industry that they serve rather than their company name in order to protect our valuable business relationships. If you would like more detail regarding these testimonials or the Industries/Companies that we serve; please contact us directly. Thank you.

“Marz Precision Manufacturing shows an attention to detail and quality that are evident in every part. Communication throughout the entire machining process is excellent and value is built into every part they machine. Marz has become more than just another vendor, they’ve become a key partner in the success of our business”.

 Kevin Kapp – Production Manager / Industrial – Mining Valve Industry.

“We appreciate the prototype parts that Marz turned out for us. They were exactly what we asked for, all dimensions were within specification and we received them in less time than the other shops we worked with.  I recommend Marz Precision to anyone that needs high quality machining at a fair price.”

Steve Johnson – V.P. of R & D – Medical Device Industry

“[We have] been using Marz Precision Manufacturing for about two years and we have received great service in quality and delivery and I highly recommend them.”

Kurt Crandall – Vice President- Theme Park Thrill Ride Systems  / Large scale Industrial and Construction Welding and Fabrication.

“We had a big job with a really short lead time and Jeff and his crew worked around the clock for weeks; Weekends and even over Labor Day to get our parts done. Marz Precision Manufacturing really goes the extra mile to help their customers.”

Brad Collen – Industrial Sales – Fabrication, Construction and Welding Industry

“We’ve test Marz’s ability to produce intricate seismic hardware components designed for structural applications. Marz Precision delivers with quality second to none.”

Noel Olsen – Industrial Sales – Fabrication, Construction and welding Industry.

“Marz has a wide range of capabilities for a shop of their size. They have been very responsive to our rapid prototyping needs. Having a local company allows us to work directly with the machinists and work out potential problems without effecting lead-times.”

Jeff Jones – Engineering Manager- Portable Chemical Detection Equipment

“Marz Precision consistently beats other shops bids and delivers quality parts on time. They have worked with us through our hard times, and we are happy to continue working with them.”

Ed Packer – Mechanical Engineering Manager – Composite bicycles / High Strength Structural Components.

" I have worked with Marz Precision Manufacturing on a number of projects over the past year and find the work to be precise and cost effective. Marz Precision Manufacturing is willing to work with the customer to supply the best product possible and has always met or exceeded my expectations."

Cary Fife – CVD Equipment Engineer – Semiconductor Manufacturing Industry.

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