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Our Machine Shop Quality Assurance

Utah Machine Shops - Quality Assurance

We all know how important top notch quality, customer service and value are to us in any product or service that we purchase. At Marz Precision machine shop we take that fact to heart in every job that we produce and in every contact that we make with our customers and vendors.

We feel a huge obligation to build our company name and reputation based on quality, professionalism and reliability……Integrity is the cornerstone of Marz Precision Manufacturing.

Quality in our Machine Shop

Quality is worthless without the machinery, equipment, tooling and highly trained and motivated staff to make that quality happen. You cannot inspect quality into a machined component; at MPM our skilled machinists working with the best tools spend their days producing top quality precision parts from a myriad of materials.

We routinely work with Titanium, various stainless steel alloys, aluminum, copper, brass, and all types of plastics.

Our Machinists in the Machine Shop

Even the best machinists need to follow standardized processes and procedures in order to guarantee the highest possible quality in each part. Due to the size of our shop, we have not yet become certified or registered with any particular QA system.

However we utilize the experience of our team to employ the best parts of ISO and other systems to ensure process control and a company culture of continuous improvement.

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